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Reko is a contraction of “Responsible Consumption”, one of the United Nations Global Goals, and is a trade model originally created in Finland. 

It's a model that connects customers directly with local farmers, makers and growers, with a shared goal of supporting small scale producers and creating a market that encourages ethical production values. 

Each REKO Ring has a private Facebook Group where the producers and makers advertise what they have available to purchase at the weekly pick-up.
Customers order by commenting on the vendors post, and pay the producer by direct deposit.  Each week at a pre-determined location and time, producers aggregate to place the orders  into their customers arms.

Reko Australia

Are you a producer or maker interested in selling through a REKO Network in your area? Find the vendor group for your area and request to join.



Guidelines for Vendors.

Join the REKO ring vendor private face book group. 

Contact the admin of the group to introduce yourself and to discuss what you would like to bring to REKO. 

REKO vendors must produce the items they sell. Ex: Beeswax, seedlings, vegetables... (No reselling) 

Write and post a short biography describing your business, values and processes. 

Vendors make one post for all products for sale 

No sale on the spot. Only sale of pre-ordered goods.

To advertise your goods, copy, paste and complete the template in the vendor group guidelines. Keep it short, colourful and to the point. 

It's the vendor's responsibility to comply with the Moreton Bay Region Laws regarding food handling and taxes.

Group Admins approve all sale posts and have the right to exclude members who do not follow the group's rules.



Thank you for supporting our local community.



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Buy direct from local farmers and makers.

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Interested in starting a Reko Network in your area? Anyone with a passion or interest in local food can start a Reko Network.

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Find your local REKO network.
Click through and request to join via the private Facebook group.

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Facebook is the market place, all sales happen online. No sales should take place at pickup. 

Customers must place orders before ordering deadline specific to each producer.

Producers must post no longer than one week before the sale (except if deliveries are monthly or biweekly).

There is reduced waste as farmers and producers need only bring what has been purchased. 

It is a way to support and encourage local self-sufficiency and strengthen the community around their local producers.

Benefits of REKO

Food straight from YOUR locals.

Less packaging

Fewer food miles

Less waste as producers only take to pick up what has been ordered and paid for.

Saves time, as producers don’t spend early mornings and long days at farmers markets – pickups run for one hour!

Many products are seasonal so less storage, better nutrition.

REKO is a great opportunity for fledgling businesses to test and develop.

REKO connects local communities in a positive way.


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